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Buckingham Gate

RESIDENTIAL / Victoria, London
Client: Clifford Investments

Buckingham gate front facade

This building in a prestigious location in central London was originally built as a home, but has most recently been used as offices. Nick Hancock Design Studio is in the process of returning the building to its original use, creating seven spacious, high-end apartments, including a duplex penthouse with a roof garden.

Elevations Buckingham Gate

Rear Elevations Buckingham Gate

The property had already been refused planning permission on two occasions, meaning that a striking yet highly sensitive design was called for. While the listed front facade remains almost unchanged, apart from the sensitive extension of the roof, the rear is completely transformed, with a predominantly glass facade to flood the interior with light, and cantilevered balconies to provide outdoor space.

Section Buckingham Gate

The long, thin shape of the building demanded ingenuity when it came to setting out the floorplan. Our solution maximised living space, reducing core and corridor space through a highly rational approach to lift and circulation spaces.

Rear Facade 3d Buckingham Gate

At the rear, a garden has been elevated from the lower ground to ground level, becoming the roof on a large basement living room. This highly creative solution ensures the garden gets more daylight, while the living room below is lit by skylights, creating a den-like space.

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