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Maldives Tower

HOTEL / Maldives
Client: Green Arc


Working with our partners Green Arc in Thailand we undertook the concept design for a fully modular hotel project for the Marriott Hotel Renaissance in Male, Maldives. Standing 15 stories tall the Hotel consists of 108 guest rooms, a rooftop pool & health centre, restaurant, bar and concierge.



Due to the site’s remote location and the limited abilities of the local construction industry, the hotel has been designed to be constructed using pre-fabricated modular components. This allows the rooms to be fully fitted out to a high specification and rapidly assembled on-site, reducing construction times and ensuring a high quality level of finish for a drastically reduced cost.

hotel room

NHDS also undertook the design of the hotel room interiors, which will be entirely pre-fabricated off site as a pod.

Hotel Room 3

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